Laundry Equipment Gold Coast

Wash Comm Laundry Equipment Gold Coast

Wash Comms’ alternative to Laundry Equipment Gold Coast boasts a range of high tech laundry equipment. From high speed soft mounted washer/extractors, barrier washers exclusive to the health care and industry governed by Australian Standards 4146, including inverter driven flatbed ironers single/multi-roll models coupled with folder and stacker units.

For the commercial dry cleaning industry – Perchoroethylene/Hydrocarbon equipment, auto and manual finishing machines and dehumidifiers. Our dryers are all non-distilling, no-steam, no water systems dramatically reducing gas, electric, water and maintenance costs.


Wash Comm boasts a National network of service and sales agents, some having over 30 years experience within the industry, to support every piece of equipment from within this extensive range.

The attraction of this equipment is its reliability of maintenance, with generic parts that are readily available in the USA and can be replaced easily by local technicians simply streamlining the repair & support mechanism to you our client.

Our mission to the commercial laundry industry is to supply a cost effective, robust and reliable alternatives to Laundry Equipment Gold Coast; we believe the recipe for success to all.

Wash Comm is extremely confident in the performance of the equipment & Laundry Equipment Gold Coast and will, upon redundancies, re-equip our commercial laundry operation with this exceptional range.

We invite you to view our range on our Wash Comm Website.